The Composer

Shawn has been commissioned by orchestra, chamber ensembles, and soloist around the world. He accepts a few commissions a year and renders works that curtail to ever ensembles needs. Shawn follows the ASCAP standards and rates for commissioning composers. Please see the following PDF as a guide for rates.

The Performer

Shawn has been invited all over the world as a guest artist, soloist, chamber collaborator, and even as a contributor to albums across an array of genres. Due to the variety of circumstances, inviting Shawn out will need to be handled one on one. Please contact us through the contact page on the homepage.

Shawn Head reinvigorates the spirit of Japanese traditional music in a western musical format; creating a new experience for both Japanese and Westerners alike. He creates unique narratives for both contemporary and traditional music, rendering engaging performances that hold valuable academic information.

Shawn Head accomplishes his mission and nurtures new and established audiences through a commitment to the following core values:

Performing at the highest artistic level through connective programming, dramatic interpretation and creative energy.

Interacting with my audience, allowing each performance to connect in unexpected, thought-provoking and deeply personal ways.

Upholding and revitalizing the traditional Japanese flute (shakuhachi) through the performance of honored classics, undiscovered works and new music from both renowned and emerging living composers.

Promoting cultural exchange in higher education though deep academic explanations and live examples of art, culture, language, religion, and musical performance.




Shawn puts in hundreds of hours a year lecturing at schools grades K - 12 and the collegiate level. For more information on pricing and when and how to get Shawn out to your school, please use the contact portion at the bottom of the homepage. Shawn also offers private lessons in person and on skype.

Higher Education Lectures and Performances 

As part of his mission, Shawn Head offers higher-education lectures and performances to colleges and universities with the following goals:

Providing an artistic perspective to the following topics: Buddhism, Art, Culture, Language, Music, Zen/Buddhist Philosophy, and Chamber music from the East.

Training students to think in a Eastern mind set to understand foreign concepts.

Providing tools for students to grasp a deeper understanding of Japanese culture.

Encouraging deep research of other musics around the world through interactive lectures

Performing traditional Japanese music live to experience the cultural aesthetics.

The opportunity to try out traditional instruments in class (students).

 I encourage schools to partner with me in creating a lecture that serves its students and community at large. In addition to concert performances, the following are examples of events that can be part of a lecture/performance visit. I am also happy to create new programs to suit the needs of your institution.