Three Rehearsals One Day

First Coffee

Today was a day full of rehearsals and I started the morning with a very much needed cup of coffee.


Bullet Proof

I am currently on the Keto Diet so I am doing bullet proof everyday. Gross….

Rehearsal Number 1, Shoso Duo is back.

We’re back in rehearsal preparing a program we know you’ll love! Featuring the Music of Yamamoto Hozan and a collection of Anime Music. We took the summer off after June 7th and have been collecting pieces for us to play.


Shoso Duo

Harp and Shakuhachi is just a great combination.

Rehearsal Number Two with Daron Kirsch of WSQ

Another project I am working on this fall is with the Westheimer String Quartet. We are playing a ton of really difficult pieces. Daron and I are premiering David Vayo’s work, Mirroring for shakuhachi cello. Today, we had David on Skype as we played his piece for him.


“You want me to do what?”

Daron the Cellist.


David on Skype

Playing lots of notes.

No time for lunch, time for rehearsal number 3.

I finished off the day with my new friend Harry who is gong and percussion specialist. We are working on a new concert program and a CD collaboration. It is going to be crazy! We already got some samples of the recording back and it sounds fantastic. Really fantastic.

Gongs, gongs, gongs, and shakuhachi. .

Gongs, gongs, gongs, and shakuhachi. .

Shawn Head