Sky Above Great Wind - Bo Li

Commissioned in 2018 and recorded in 2018. Shawn Renzoh Head, Shakuhachi and Hsin-Jung Tsai perform Bo Li's, Sky Above Great Wind.

A long time ago, there was a famous monk named Ryokan who was highly praised for his calligraphy. On many occasion he would turn down very rich patrons because he was not interested in money as much as he was interested in creating new experience with the people whom he met.

One day a young boy approached him and asked Ryokan, “Mr. Monk, can you write something on my kite that will help it fly?” He smiled at the boy and wrote “sky above great wind.” (空上大風)

This piece is a sonic representation of the abundant sky and wind (piano) and the kite (shakuhachi). The duo dances back and forth throughout the piece just as the wind pushes the kite higher and lower.

~ Shawn Renzoh Head



Shawn Head