REPOST: Learn Shakuahchi On YouTube and Online

Becoming a YouTuber and an Online Teacher

I have been very hesitant to add tutorial lessons online for many years but I finally decided that I should start providing this content. When looking through YouTube I noticed that there was not one single high quality tutorial from any shakuhachi master. I thought to myself, “well I can do that.” So I uploaded my first video on Hon Shirabe, one of my favorite pieces and a great piece for beginners to challenge themselves. As my teacher’s teacher said, “This piece is all about extremes.”

After uploading the tutorial, I noticed some views appearing but I wasn’t surprised about that… what really surprised me is the average view time was 17 minutes, the length of the video! Afterwards, I started getting some private message on Facebook and to my email with request for pieces, techniques, and more. So I think I may be hooked and will make more videos and lessons. The video below is the first installment. The video below that will be out next week Wednesday and I will go through Daiwagaku by Jin Nyodo.

Don’t Forget, you can study with me online. Send me an email if you want to take lessons via Skype, Zoom, or even facebook messenger.

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