Burning Roots Sketch No. 1 by Shawn Renzoh Head

A Big Piece in Four Minutes

I really poured my soul our on this piece.

Performance Notes.... Burning Roots Sketch was completed in February and was the launching piece for composer 20-20, where I planned to commission 20 composer to write works for solo shakuhachi by year 2020. In Burning Roots, the imagery I had in mind was based of the self destruction of one's culture; where a person believes that their own individual culture is not worth protecting or continuing. The work features a variety of techniques for shakuhachi including koro-koro, a timbre trill like effect and variants on that i.e. u-ha-goro. A similar technique is used called kara-kara which in traditional Japanese music is used to mimic the sound of a Buddhist staff rings (Khakkhara). With the intent of this piece being a launch piece for this commissioning project, I aimed to use a bunch of alternative fingerings for the same note. Within the piece there is a variety of western-style lines and eastern-style lines; overtime they become closer together as in hopes that the individual will begin to see the value in holding both (two or more) cultures to equal value. Shakuhachi - Shawn Renzoh Head




Shawn Head