Another Day, Another Project, Another Studio

Spending the evening with Harry B-Happy


Studio Life

This place feels right to me. Here I can block everything out and just play my heart.

Last night, I spent my time with Harry B-Happy at his studio downtown near River Oaks. We are currently working on a new CD project in collaboration with The Path Of Tea. He is a tower of support spiritually and musically and I am so excited for this project as well as others. More soon. Here is a little bit about Harry.

About Harry


Monk, Gong Expert, Audio Engineer, and much more.

For over 10 years, people in the United States, Mexico, India, and Thailand have had the opportunity to experience the healing energy of Harry B-Happy Bartholomew.

By balancing both the energy of the left and right hemisphere of the brain and the Chakra system Harry puts the body in a position to receive a large amount of energy from the universe.

During this energy transfer the body is able to start reversing many imbalances and allowing the client to experience physicalemotional, and spiritual healing.

Now back in his hometown of Houston TX, Harry brings his years of experience as not only a healer but also as a Buddhist monk and meditation instructor to the public.

Shawn Head