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Music, acting, and fine art have been the universal emotionally and spiritually communicative language since the dawn of time. It has been the goal of artist to constantly push and strive into the unknown and discover more about our reality beyond conventions. However, we typically are not the richest of people and therefore it becomes difficult to finance the projects we want to create.  So, we have been at the gracious hands of the social and business elites to produce and create art and continue cultures without fear of "making ends meet." For example the Haffners of Salzburg, Germany were a very prominent family and were the sponsors for a very poor but enthusiastic and talented musician. You may know him, his name was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

To create the next generation of great composers, musicians, artist, and performers, we need you to foster that with your financial support. Your support means the world to us (artist) and the good news is that WE CAN repay you through advertisement on the works we create, our websites, and at our events we hold. I hope that you will join me in my endeavors to learn more about the world that can not be spoken of but be felt through the creation of new works and performances. The beautiful, the ugly, the mysterious, the glorious unknown. Consider sponsorship and send an email below! 

your traveler to the unknown, 

Shawn Renzoh Head 

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