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Internationally renowned composer and master shakuhachi performer Shawn Renzoh Head continues to transcend borders through his music, mixing Japanese traditional music with a distinctly western compositional style. Shawn earned his Shihan degree under the tutelage of Michael Chikuzen Gould and became the youngest non-Japanese Shihan in shakuhachi. He also earned a bachelor's degree in composition from the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Music under Professor Keith Fitch and Professor Steven Kohn. As a performer Shawn has made it his goal to popularize the shakuhachi both in its traditional and modern western forms by commissioning a plethora of composers to write engaging music. As a composer, Shawn has made a substantial output of music that reflects the complex aesthetics of Japanese Music. His recent composition, “Burning Roots Sketch No. 4,” commissioned by violinist, Misha Vayman, is an example of the connection between his western roots and Japanese sounds. Vayman says that Shawn’s music is "A deeply felt Japanese sentiment structured with a virtuosic western filigree."

Susanna Campbell is a passionate and experienced music educator and performer based in Houston, Texas.  Recent concert highlights include the world premiere of Gary Schocker’s Heaven’s Above for the American Harp Society’s National Conference in Atlanta, the debut concert of the New Houston Harp Ensemble, and performances with AURORA – a harp, flute, and cello ensemble embracing classical repertoire while championing contemporary music by emerging composers.  Susanna is principal harpist with the the Round Rock Symphony and Houston Civic Symphony.  In addition to performing, she maintains a private harp and piano studio and takes great delight in training and mentoring young musicians.  Susanna also teaches music classes at Lone Star College, is on faculty at the Houston Summer Harp Festival, and is music director at King's Cross in Cypress, Texas.  She holds a Master's Degree in Harp Performance from Stephen F. State University where she studied with Ms. Emily Mitchell.

PC: Waiaka Wang 

PC: Waiaka Wang


The Shoso Duo formed in September 2017 when shakuhachi master Shawn Renzoh Head and harpist Susanna Campbell met at Retrospect Coffee Bar to discuss a concert collaboration. Fusing the eastern music and culture of the Japanese flute with the western aesthetic of the modern pedal harp appealed to both artists and a new musical initiative was born. Shoso Duo gave their debut performance on February 24, 2018 at Campbell Learning Center in Houston, TX. This concert was followed up with a repeat performance at the International Christian Church of Houston on May 21, 2018, and two additional concerts are scheduled for summer 2018. Shoso Duo hopes to promote the harp and shakuhachi at home and abroad as viable instruments for all to enjoy and for anyone with a passion for music to learn how to play.  





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Listen to Shoso performing Katsutoshi Nagasawa's "Mayudama no Uta" live. 

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