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"Visiting musician performs rhythmic shakuhachi concert" 

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Successful Living 

Shawn Head on "Successful Living with Bill Knapik" Hear Shawn talk about the Shakuhachi Flute and much more....!

Eigo Nodo with Kazuaki Ueakawa 

Mr. Shawn Head, the master Shakuhachi performer spoke with me about how he started his music and got to where he is today as a shakuhachi performer. His background is classical music and he was introduced to Shakuhachi by meeting someone playing Shakuhachi-like instrument in China. He received Shakuhachi training online from Japanese experts and he himself received a high level of distinction as the Shakuhachi per...

The Plain Dealer.

Houston Public Media

From Wa no Suteki - Japanese Blog Site

House Concert Japan 2017

"Shawn Head presented a fascinating lecture on Japanese musical notation and Japanese flute music for my sophomore Music Theory class. I was impressed with his ability to convey the subtle details of the music on his Japanese flute. The students found his presentation to be quite engaging and enjoyed it very much. I did as well!"

~ Lisa Rainsong, Cleveland Institute of Music and Case Western Reserve University Music Theory faculty. 

"Shawn is a dedicated and creative professional who filled his role at BCMC admirably, presenting on the topics of composition and improvisation. The students responded with enthusiasm and confidence, rating their time with him as one of the high points of BCMC." 

~ Anna Vayman, Artistic Director of Benefic Chamber Music Camp, Associate Violin Professor at Ball State University. 

"Shawn Head's performance of Shakuhachi music during our recent Classical Revolution Cleveland show was truly stunning. His technical and musical command of the instrument were stunning, and the repertoire performed was captivating. It was the first time CRC has incorporated music from that genre in our shows, and it was eye-opening. We hope to have him back soon!"

~ Ariel Clayton Karas, Director, Classical Revolution Cleveland

"It was enlightening to see Shawn perform Shakuhachi at Kent State University for the 2015 Annual Meeting of Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese. He has great passion for Shakuhachi tradition and is determined to introduce it to the US audience. We were all moved by his quiet but strong will. He will be a great asset for Japanese music tradition. Meeting a young person like Shawn is a great joy for all of us in the field of Japanese language and culture education." 

~ Hiroaki Kawamura, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Japanese, The University of Findlay; President, Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese

Mr. Shawn Head did a wonderful job explaining Japanese aesthetics terms to a general audience. He was also good at getting students to participate in the lecture. His lecture was informative and entertaining. We all really enjoyed his lecture and admired his passion and knowledge.

~Yongfei Yi, PhD Candidate Modern Japanese Literature Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

"Shawn’s music is a deeply felt Japanese sentiment structured with a virtuosic western filigree." 

~Critically Accalimed soloist and chamber musician, Misha Vayman

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