Shawn Renzoh 





Cleveland Institute of Music, Bachelor of Music, 2016

Primary Teacher - Dr. Keith Fitch

Major - Composition

Senior Thesis: 虚鐸 "False Bell" for Orchestra

JuniorThesis: Collaboration Project with the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Natural History Museum

            "Wisteria" and "See the See": Music for 3D and 2D animations for planetarium viewing.

Independent studies in JapaneseLanguage, Culture, Music, and Art

Thesis: "Musicality in Japanese Art "Uragami Gyokudo and Ema Saiko: Resonating and Channeling Tradition

Independent study in Japan,Dec. 2014 - Jan. 2015 and June 2015

Private Shakuhachi studies at Chikuzen studios, 2014- 2016

Primary Teacher -Michael Chikuzen Gould, Daishihan (received the Shihan or Master's name"Renzoh")

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee,2011 - 2013 - Transferred to Cleveland Institute of Music

Primary Teachers - Jon Monhardt, Composition and Lewis Rosove, Viola

Majors - Composition andViola Performance 

Professional Experience

Acting Head Orchestra Director at Cypress Creek HS(CFISD) 2016 -2017 - In charge of BoosterClub, Tri-M, lead students through Solo and Ensemble and UIL competitions.Taught and rehearsed three string orchestras, Chamber, Symphony, andPhilharmonic.

Private Teacher - Composition, Violin, and Viola lessons for Beginner to Advanced students, 2010 - Present

Traditional Shakuhachi Performance at a variety of Venues - Traditional Zen Buddhist music from the Shakuhachi Kinko Schoolas well as pop music from the Western and Eastern worlds, 2014 - Present

~ Hermann Park JapaneseGardens 20th Anniversary celebration, April 2017 and May 2017

~ JAGH New yearfestival, January 2017

~ Japan America Society of Houston (JASH)Gala, November 2016

~ Japanese Associationof Greater Houston (JAGH) Senior Celebration, October 2016

~ The Bop Stop Presents:East Meets West - Shawn Head and Naomi Columna April 2016

~ Japanese - AmericanSociety of Central Ohio, Speech Contest, March2016

~ Classical Revolution Cleveland, 2015 - Spring2016

~ Cleveland One World Festival, August 2015

~ Cleveland Institute ofMusic New Music Recital, February 2015

~ Ohio Japanese Teacher's Association, December2015

~ Performance at the Peter B. Lewis Buildinglocated at Case Western Reserve University,November 2015

~ Cleveland Nihongo Hoshuko Japanese Language School,  December 2014 and May 2015

~ CIM New Music Concert,November 2014

Guest Lecturer for Composition and Japanese Music

~ Cleveland Institute ofMusic Chamber Literature with Carol Ruzicka, April 2016

~ The Ohio StateUniversity Asian Humanities course with Yongfei Yi, April 2016

~ CIM Cultural seminarwith Joel Smirnoff, November 2015

~ CIM Chamber Literaturecourse with Carol Ruzicka on composers who are influenced by Japan and Japanese traditionalmusic, March 2015

~ Case Western Reserve University Music Theorycourse with Lisa Rainsong on Japanese notation and pitch system, May 2015

~ CWRU Japanese PopCulture course with Margaret Fitzgerald on Japanese flutes and their historicalsignificance in Buddhism and Shintoism, October 2015

Commissionedwork by Mary Kay Fink Principal Piccolo of the Cleveland Orchestra - Commissioned for Cleveland's PAND performers and artistsfor nuclear disarmament,  August 2015

Faculty and guest artist at Music Benefic ArtisticDirector Anna Vayman - Two seminars onImprovisation, Summer 2015 - Present

Guest Lecturer at the Universityof Wisconsin - Milwaukee - For Darcy Drexler's Music Appreciation course, 2013

Taught secondary Viola lessons at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee - students were music education majors, 2012 - 2013 

Community Outreach, Volunteer Work

Cleveland Institute of Music Outreach musician, 2014 - 2016 - Shakuhachi performance at the following locations

~ Campbell LearningCenter Open Door Series, May 2017

~ Judson Manor'sChestnut Auditorium, 2016

~ Judson Manor's Bruening Health Center,2016

~ Judson ManorRetirement Home, 2015 - 2016

~ Our House RetirementHome, 2016  

~ Cleveland Public Library, 2015

Cleveland Institute of Music teaching assistant toDr. Keith Fitch - Course code MUCP301/Lecture/100 - Composition for Performers. Class focused on "techniquesof motive development and composition in small forms," Spring 2016

English Teacher and Private Tutor for ESL students,Cleveland, OH - Privately coaching and teaching international students English, 2014 - Present

Clinician and Assistant to teacher, Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra - Under the guidance of Jenny Snyder Kozoroz, taught children ages 8 to 14, beginner to intermediate level performers in both orchestral and solo scenarios, 2010 - 2012

Assistant to orchestra teacher, Franklin High School, Milwaukee, WI  - Under the Guidance of T.J. Hull, I trained and helped the orchestra prepare repertoire for upcoming concerts, 2010 - 2012

Assistant teacher at Franklin Public Schools, Milwaukee, WI - Trained and helped the orchestra and prepared repertoire for upcoming concerts. In addition, private lessons and helped teach the class on many occasions. 2009 - 2012

Herman Park, Japanese Gardens

Live with Echo Orchestra

With conductor Michael Fahey

Live at UMKC

Shoso Duo Live

Live with Echo Orchestra

P.C. Chris Keffer

P.C. Chris Keffer

P.C. Chris Keffer

P.C. Priscilla Dickson

P.C. Melody Ballinger 

P.C. Melody Ballinger 

P.C. Melody Ballinger 

Texas Shiner's Children's Hospital 

Fort Bend Music Center in Houston Texas. Disaster relief concert for Kumamoto and Tohoku, Japan.

Fort Bend Music Center in Houston Texas. Disaster relief concert for Kumamoto and Tohoku, Japan.

Benefic Chamber Music Camp 2015. 

Benefic Chamber Music Camp 2015. 

Benefic Chamber Music Camp 2015. 

Benefic Chamber Music Camp 2015. 

Benefic Chamber Music Camp 2015. 

The Cleveland Institute of Music. Soprano: Naomi Columna.

Case Western Reserve University. 

P.C. Priscilla Dickson

Ooami Temple (Chiba)

Ooami Temple Performance 


Tokyo Performance 


Momoi - sensei, Ooami Temple 2017

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