Composer Interviews 

Omar Peracha 

'GANkyoku’ is the name given to any pieces created by my Generative Adversarial Network with the same name. These are the first full-length Contemporary Classical pieces to be entirely composed by a deep neural network. The pieces were commissioned by Shawn Renzoh Head, following my award in his 2017 composition competition.The aim with these works is that they should maintain key aesthetic qualities expected of shakuhachi music, derived from the traditional repertoire, or Honkyoku. Rather than purely creating pastiches of classical shakuhachi music, we sought an AI model that adds novel features and idiosyncrasies in a somewhat systemic way, making worthwhile contributions to the contemporary shakuhachi repertoire. The three pieces were all composed by the same generative AI model, despite their great variances in length and material, suggesting the model has successfully learned many of the deeper underlying features of the classical solo shakuhachi repertoire, allowing it to create original and wide-ranging works with clear referral to the Honkyoku aesthetic. These pieces represent our three favourites out of approximately 30 generated candidates. 

David Vayo 

I sit down with composer and improviser, David Vayo to talk about his new work for Shakuhachi and Cello, Mirroring. He is the current head of composition at the Illinois Wesleyan University. 

David Vayo -

Gabrielle Lubell 

I sit down with composer Gabriel Lubell and talk about his new composition for shakuhachi and bassoon, "Song of the Little Owls." 

 Gabriel Lubell

Chapman Welch 

I sit down with composer, improviser, professor, rock musician, and pianist among other things, Chapman Welch. We discuss his recent work "Antenna" for shakuhachi and electronics.

Adam Vincent Clay

I sit down with composer, pianist, and owner of houston new arts movement, Adam Vincent Clay to discuss his new work "Dialogues" for Shakuhachi and Piano. The concert is to be held on February 28th, 2019 at 7 pm inside the beautiful St. Cyril Roman Catholic Church in Houston Tx.

Eric Charnofsky

I am joined on Zoom with Eric Charnofsky to discuss his work "Echo" for solo Shakuhachi. 

 Studio Recording of Echo

Aaron Bielish 

I sit down with Aaron Bielish, a multi-talented individual in both visual art and music. We discuss how he came up with his project, EYE-music and his work that I commissioned, Six Meditation for Shakuhachi and String Quartet.

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